hello, i'm softsy!

please read my tos before commissioning me!


art commissions

After reading my tos, please order through this google form:

• mini chibi •

• coming soon •
other commission types coming soon! maybe!


As a commissioner, you are agreeing to the following rules, thank you.

• Do not claim my art as your own.
Please give proper credits back to me. A list of my socials are listed on my homepage. Do not use my art in any way that is associated with cryptocurrency/NFTs.

Commissioning me does NOT give you full rights to the artwork.
It is not for your commercial use or for your profit. Do not edit or draw on top of my artwork without permission. Cropping or adding a background for use as a social media icon is OK.

• I only start drawing after I receive your payment in full.
Refunds are not available unless a serious complication occurs, I will do my due dilligence in communicating anything that happens with you!

• WIPs are generally not provided for smaller/chibi commissions unless asked for or if the piece will take an extended amount of time.
You're giving me artistic liberties with the piece, but edit requests may be made. Large edits may incur a fee.

• I retain intellectual property rights to the artwork.
This does not mean I will use the commissioned artwork for further profit. Please remember that I am just a hobbyist artist charging hobbyist rates, implying that my artwork commissions are intended for hobbyist uses! Please be respectful to my rules in that context, thank you. In return, the most I may ever do with the artwork produced is post it in self-promotional commission posts or post it online, unless the commissioner requests otherwise.

Last updated: Nov 20, 2021.